Our Story 

The Royal Dyche is a freehouse pub located in Burnley, in the North West of England. Originally known as 'The Princess Royal' the pub was renamed after the ex-Burnley manager Sean Dyche, when he finally secured European Football for the first time in over 50 years for the club. It was officially unveiled by Burnley legend, Rocky Mills on 1st June 2018 with plenty of claret fans and local media present. As Dyche shares the same birthday as Henry VIII this has heavily influenced the pub's signage. What started out as a joke written on an A-Board soon became a global media phenomenon.

Our story officially began on 1st June 2013. A temporary favour has soon escalated into a life's work and legacy for our landlady, Justine Lorriman. The Princess Royal was a neglected pub, it lacked character, had a bad reputation and it's trade was non-existent. After years of hard work the pub has soon become one of the most popular drinking venues in Burnley!

As the success of the pub began to grow, so too did Burnley's, when Sean Dyche finally achieved promotion to the Premier League. Although Burnley were relegated the following season, the club bounced back winning the championship and going 23 games undefeated in 2016. In came the perfect accolade - free drinks for Sean Dyche as a small gesture for his phenomenal work! 

After securing another year of Premier League football in November 2017 Burnley were sat in 4th place and the jokes about European football flooded the town. After a media frenzy and a mention from Dyche regarding our previous accolade we felt we needed to up our game. Burnley to achieve European football in over 50 years?

Not a chance! Well, so we thought...

A rollercoaster of a season saw Burnley finished 7th and secure European football in for the first time in over 50 years. And so, with Sean Dyche's blessing the pub became The Royal Dyche. With Dyche sharing the same birthday as Henry VII this became the influence behind the design. On 1st June 2018, local legend Rocky Mills did the honour of unveiling our new name and look and the pub soon became a global media frenzy!

Good Friday in 2022 wasn't so 'good' as the football world woke up in shock to learn the news that Sean Dyche had officially been sacked. Despite the sacking, changing the pubs name back was never going to be an option, we always knew this day would come. Dyche's legacy will forever live on.

On Wednesday 27th July 2022, as promised and to the landlady's delight, Sean Dyche visited the pub. He shook hands with all the staff and every customer in the pub before enjoying a few pints, finishing off with a special Q & A in the beer garden. Dyche said he was really blown away with the pub and amazed with how impressive the outdoor areas were. It was a highly enjoyable afternoon and a day we will never forget!

Vincent Kompany took over the Clarets at the start of the 2022/23 campaign, it was a phenomenal season bringing a new style of play to Turf Moor.  After becoming champions and bouncing straight back to the Premier League, there were demands to rename the pub again after Kompany. At Burnley's away game against Rotherham we met Vincent and he declared the pub a 'legacy' and stated 'it cannot be renamed'. And so, long live The Royal Dyche!